Press Release: IamProgrez Enables Caesar ProPredict to Recruit Through Serious Games

Utrecht, The Netherlands: April 25, 2016

IT company Caesar ProPredict is proud to announce the launch of the Caesar ProPredict recruitment game (Powered by iam-it)

IT company Caesar ProPredict and Serious Game builder IamProgrez have teamed up in the recruitment of the very best in IT talent. As of today it is possible for job seekers to find a position within Caesar ProPredict by completing challenges in the Caesar ProPredict Recruitment Game and by doing so rank themselves on the Caesar ProPredict Leaderboard.

The top 10 on the Leaderboard will then be invited for an interview with the Management team of Caesar ProPredict. Following these discussions the company will  narrow their focus to 3 people. They will be offered a contract and take part in the Caesar ProPredict Young Professional Academy (A detailed training program which also consists of a 4 week training session in Sofia, Bulgaria)

“Caesar ProPredict is always looking to discover new IT talent and wants to find them in unique ways. IamProgrez provided us an innovative way of talent identification and recruitment. The reasons to work together with each other on this project was obvious.” Caesar ProPredict CEO Ruud Snoek and COO Ronald Vervenne.

IamProgrez deploys Gamified Skill Assessment Games, particularly in the IT Sector, focusing on the rich intersection between Education and the Labor market. IamP’s games accurately assess not only  hard skills but in particular focus on the precise measurement soft skills as well. This combination provides a more complete and robust User profile.

“Caesar ProPredict is a company that deeply believes that the best solutions are the ones created by finding the right mix of people and talents. IamProgrez is proud to have helped them achieve their goal of attracting the most suitable candidates through the deployment of  a customized Gamification solution powered by our award winning technology” IamProgrez CEO Linda Frietmann

IT companies are finding it increasingly difficult to find IT personnel that suits their organization and internal culture. However,  talented IT recruits sometimes find it difficult to demonstrate their value to potential employers, creating an ever growing shortage of talent. Using Gamified Assessments combined with a comprehensive data analysis answers the unique needs of this generation and , by delivering fresh recruit insights to achieve a better matching between Employers and potential employees, we not only combat the skills shortage but ensure both companies and new employees are perfectly matched to each other.

About IamProgrez

IamProgrez deploys the power of Serious Games and Gamified Skill Assessment to develop human potential. Our focus is on identifying and assessing talent in the rich area that intersects Education and the Labor Market. Through the use of next generation Gamification techniques, applied psychology, data mining and big data we build custom Serious Games for our clients that offer a complete solution for their assessment, recruitment and training needs.

For additional information about IamProgrez please contact Huib LangBroek:

Phone: (+31) 0651110754



About Caesar ProPredict

Caesar ProPredict offers more than 25 years of service, based on Progress technology. They guarantee to support its customers fully both the traditional and the innovative products, including Cloud Management Rules, RAD and Mobile solutions. With their  knowledge and experience Caesar ProPredict assists clients with the modernization of their IT application landscape while preserving investments.


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